We understand that sometimes it can be challenging to perform various tasks on your pet at home. Our staff members have gathered the following informational videos from reputable veterinary sources to help assist you and your pets at home. As you watch the following videos, please remember that it is extremely important to only administer medications that a veterinarian has prescribed for your pet. We do not advise giving anything or performing any treatments unless a veterinarian has seen your pet and advised you to do so. As always, if you find that the following videos aren’t helpful for your specific situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Preparing a Pet First Aid Kit

Monitoring a Male Cat for Urinary Obstruction

How to Give Subcutaneous Fluids

How to Give A Subcutaneous Injection

How to Administer Insulin to A Dog

How to Administer Insulin to A Cat

How to Apply Ear Medications to Your Pet

How to Apply A Hot or Cold Compress to Your Pet

How to Administer Oral Medications to Cats

How to Administer Oral Medications to Dogs

How to Administer Eye Medications to Your Pet

How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth 

Tips For Trimming Dog Nails

Tips for Trimming Cat Nails

What to Do If Your Pet is Sprayed by A Skunk

How to Manage Your Exercise Restricted Pet At Home

Dog Muzzle Training and Conditioning At Home

Practicing Restraint Techniques at Home

Ear Cleaning In Dogs

Ear Cleaning in Cats


How to Tube Feed A Kitten