Due to increased service issues with “outside” online pharmacies, Paws & Prairie Animal Clinic will no longer be able to approve prescription requests from any “outside” online pharmacies.

We are happy to recommend our online pharmacy (pawsnprairie.covetruspharmacy.com) for smoother service or we can prepare a written prescription for your pet if you would like to continue to use online pharmacies other than our own. However, compared to the “outside” online pharmacies our clinic is able to offer discounts for many of the preventative medications with qualifying purchase of the product. These discounts are NOT available through the competing pharmacies.

For both written prescription and regular prescription requests: We must have a prescription request submitted at least 1-2 business days (24-48 hours) before intended time of pick up. You may submit a “rush” request if needing your pet’s medications immediately. Please note that this is an additional $20.00 charge added on to the initial prescription cost.

As a further explanation on our disconnect from direct relations with “outside” online pharmacies, it has been our continued experience that some of the very popular online pharmacies have lead our clients to believe that we are not cooperating with them to fill the prescriptions or that we have been very slow to fill the prescription request. Obviously this can quickly lead to poor client rapport. We have had many issues getting our patients their prescriptions filled with these online pharmacies because the companies do not send the correct information to us, send the prescription request to the wrong email or fax, or lose the submitted prescription from our clinic. The former happens DAILY to our clients and our attempts to cooperate.

Other dangers in using a pharmacy not directly linked to your veterinarian is that the chain of supply is not always reliable – medications may be close to expiring, medications may not be guaranteed by the companies that produce them, medications may be stored inappropriately causing for faulty or ineffective products.

Lastly, please keep in mind that most “outside” online pharmacies do not contribute to your local communities and sponsor events. Keeping business local helps all in the community we serve.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding our new policy, please contact us directly at (218) 631-5826.


You may also scan the QR code above for a direct link to the online pharmacy


*****Please note that for ANY form of prescription medication, Minnesota state law requires a current Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR). This means that the client must present the pet to Paws & Prairie annually for a wellness examination. With that being said, it is illegal for Paws & Prairie to dispense prescriptions without a current VCPR.*****